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Member can join us by depositing NEFT/RTGS to the below given account details anywhere in India.

NEFT/RTGS/IFSC Code - IND0000150
Account No.: 0150-BC1552-060
MICR CODE No. 273234002

Terms and Conditions

Signed and accepted following conditions by me
  • 1)   I am approaching your organization to make a sales enquiry and I fully authorize your company representatives to contact me on my given Mobile number and Email address.
  • 2)  Further I also take responsibility that if my number is registered with NCPR or as a Do Not Call customer then I would not take any legal action as I am permitting you all by myself to       contact me on my given contact details.
  • 3)  I also agree that given contact details belong to me and fully adhere to the same.
  • 4)  I also know that while submitting this form, my IP gets logged in your records.

  • Note:  By clicking and accepting of the terms and conditions before sending this on the TAB with the option of irrespective of my NCPR Registration, I hereby send this undertaking of indemnity, I accept that this is a valid legal document under the Information Technology Act, 2000 of the Union of India, with or without valid digital signature.